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Riding - Tips & Tricks

The goal is simple - Reach your destination safe!

General Riding Tips

Disclaimer - I did not write 'General Riding Tips' though I one hundred percent agree with them. Someone on our FB MM Group shared a post mentioning author unknown so I dont know whom to give credit to

  1. Slow down a little. That S curve is sharper than you think!

  2. Just because your bike can go 100 mph between two stoplights doesn't mean you should do it

  3. Maintenance is that un-fun thing you do to keep from walking home!

  4. When in doubt, always take a jacket. When not in doubt, still take the jacket

  5. It always seems farther back home than it was to your destination. Don't ride so far that it stops being fun!

  6. Ride safe! No one wants to attend your funeral and talk about how much you loved bikes. They want to go riding with you and talk about what a great time you had

  7. Stop for gas even if you don't need it. You may wish you had later

  8. Chrome wont get you laid, unless you're already good looking

  9. WAVE!!!! Even if the rider is on a scooter or a different brand. They just might be saving for their "Dream" motorcycle

  10. Don't ride beyond your skill level trying to keep up with the rider in front of you

  11. Keep your passenger feeling safe. They're riding with you because they trust you. Don't scare them & ruin motorcycling for them

  12. Buy quality rain gear. Being wet when it's warm is tolerable. Being wet when it's cold is miserable

  13. Riding 500 miles a day on the interstate is do-able. Riding 500 miles a day in the mountains is impossible. Allow yourself time to "see the sights"

  14. The larger the group, the longer it takes to get there

  15. The "ride" is about the Journey, not the destination

  16. Remember to have fun

Life, and riding, is not a contest. You can't win them all. Author unknown

Long Distance Riding Tips

  1. Try to stop every hour for 5 mins even if you dont feel like stopping. Stretch legs, fill up gas, take a leak or simply dont do anything. These 5 mins will give your mind and body a much needed break

  2. Carry water always. To stop and drink or to pour it over your head and face or to clean a wound. Be it anything. Do not underestimate the power of water

  3. Do not overeat - makes you feel drowsy. Keep some snacks handy if you have to eat or pick a pack of nuts from the gas station

  4. Do not over-do caffeine (soda or coffee) unless you plan to stop very hour and refill. Caffeine does make you feel more awake and less tired. It also stays in your body for quite some time but the effect does start to wear down gradually. And when it does, it will only make you more lethargic and drowsy

  5. Do not miss a gas stop especially if you arent sure about the next one

  6. At night try to follow a vehicle thats going at a slightly slower pace than what you want to go at

  7. Highways as compared to backroads, at night, have lesser chance of animals

  8. Keep timezone change in mind and make use of extended day light when going from east to west

  9. Heavy rains, too cold or too hot can make it worse so check weather actively. Dress appropriately!

  10. When tired, just stop, no sense in continuing drowsy. Pour water on face/head. Keeping body slightly cool helps stay awake

  11. If you have a full face or modular helmet, opening the visor and alternating helps not feel drowsy. Do the same thing with a windscreen

  12. If you find yourself losing focus and getting involved in deep thoughts, take that 5 min break

  13. If you feel unbearably cold, stop and do a few pushups or spot jog or anything that will get you out of breath. Your body temperature will rise and the ride will seem a bit warmer, and the wind a little tamer and the destination, not so far away!

Remember - The goal is to reach your destination safe. Do your best and know your limits. Ride safe and enjoy the ride! Godspeed!

First Bike

Disclaimer - I did not write this section but I agree with it. Someone on our FB MM Group shared a post mentioning author unknown so I dont know whom to give credit to

Can i just suggest to anyone buying their first bike... Get a second hand 250, 4 stroke dirtbike, here's why:

  1. YOU WILL drop it/fall off! Dirtbike parts are way cheaper and your way less likely to break something as dirtbike is lighter and built to be dropped

  2. You are going to learn clutch, throttle and brake control in the worst possible environment. When you move onto the road this will have become second nature and you will just have to focus on other cars etc

  3. In the common situation of target fixation or just too fast for the turn and you end up off road, yiu will know what it feels like to drift and skid and be more able to control it

  4. Falling in dirt hurts 10x less and you don't end up at 100+kph road rashed to the bone

  5. You'll probably want to learn wheelies, dirt bikes are the best to learn wheelies as they have plenty of torque and are light weight

  6. Dirt bikes are simple to work on and you'll learn alot of basic principles that can then be carried over to more complex sports bikes

  7. Reason i say 250 4 stroke is because a 450 has an insane amount of torque and you will probably crap yourself everytime that front wheel pops up just a little. Not a 2 stroke as the power band might also scare the crap out of you. Not smaller as you may regret such an underpowered vehicle, but if you want to learn to stunt then a 100-200cc is pretty good as itll teach more skill than relying on power

This is all my humble advice, take it, or go buy a new turbo busa/h2/200kg+ cruiser and whiskey throttle that B!+ch until you learn all the above the hard way - Author Unknown



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