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3 Routes Of Big Horn Mountains WY

This post and pictures are contributed by Jolene Beiswenger aka Following Fernweh

I am often asked which of the 3 routes over the Big Horn Mountains of WY are the best.

I am pleased to report, after extensive riding and risking my life and limbs (well, more like my sister's life), I can offer an unsolicited opinion of the 3. One summer, my sister and I rode together all over the Big Horns. That fateful trip was the reason I decided to move to WY and spent many hours in those Mountains on my motorbike.

This post is brought to you by #Wyomingisntreal. All the opinions of this piece are expressly my own and should not be taken as legal advice. And you know what they say about opinions. . .

I'll start with Highway 14A. This route is rated #3 on my map. It has the benefit of offering 2 fantastic detours to the Bighorn Canyon Recreation area (highly recommend, ask a local for the best spot to view the canyon, ahem!) and Medicine Wheel. Unfortunately, the western side of the mountain on 14A is one of the crappiest roads in the area and is under road construction. You can literally see the ripples in the tar and potholes grow here.  For added fun, we were forced into a ditch on the mountainside by an aggressive semi heading down in 2021. I will concede that the view from the ditch, looking over the cliff and laying next to your bike is unique, if you are into that.

This highway meets up with 14 at the top of the mountain and continues to Dayton. I would rate the Eastern side of the mountain a fun set of curves to get down (or up) (better than 16).

Highway 14 is rated #1 in my map. From Cody, you travel through the McCullough peaks area and their band of wild horses are often by the road, showing off. At Greybull you turn and head towards Shell canyon, the reason I rate this first place. Stop at Shell Falls for the view. Once you reach the top, 14A meets up with 14 and you get to do the Eastern side curves to Dayton (same as 14A route). Just a gorgeous route all around

Highway 16 is #2 on my list and follows 14 from Cody (allowing a chance to see those wild horses) but continues south to Worland before turning west to Ten Sleep Canyon. The prime rib sandwich at Ten Sleep Saloon is well worth a stop. Ten Sleep Canyon is another gorgeous ride and I have been known to go up the switchbacks and then down again because it's so beautiful.

16 has more trees than 14 or 14A (I counted them) so the top of the pass isn't as open as the others. Descending to Buffalo on the eastern side is pretty ordinary, not nearly as fun as 14.

So there you have it: 14, 16, 14A in that order. If you happen to spend an extended amount of time in that ditch on 14A like we did, please look for my sister's fender piece. . .



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