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Motorcycle - Overnight Stay Packing

As you deduced from the picture above, do not overpack! Never overpack! Overpacking can cause a lot of issues which we wont discuss in this blog

Bikers are well aware of lack of space to carry clothes and things, especially when going for an overnight trip. We end up carrying a lot of extra clothes not realizing that we wont need them.

A simple rule of the thumb is one spare of everything you wear on the first day of your ride. More than that, is a waste of precious space and additional weight. In most cases a hotel or cabin has a washer/dryer. If they dont, then look for a coin laundry close to your place of stay.

Quantity is important but what you carry also helps. For example, synthetic material clothes dont need ironing, dry fast, are lighter and take up less space

Here's a few I personally carry for an overnight ride :

Jeans/Pants | Shirt/T-Shirt | Undergarments | Hoodie/Sweatshirt | Shoes - Non-Riding | Shorts and non riding shirt | Night Wear |

The advantage of using this guideline is that you wont need to worry if you are headed for a single night or a fourteen day trip. Nothing changes!

Note :

1. This does not apply if you plan on camping for more than one night

2. Detailed list of things to carry on a motorcycle is in a separate post



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