Motorcycle - Best Comm - Cardo vs Sena

Its beyond discussion that as of today, the two top motorcycle communication unit brands are Cardo and Sena. There are several posts that explain the technical differences between Sena and Cardo so I am not going to spend time on that. Neither does this blog decide which one is better. Since I see this question "which should i buy, Cardo or Sena" asked way too many times on different forums, thought of clarifying a bit Heres the short and simple answer - Its a never ending debate between Cardo and Sena .. I wont tell you to use Cardo because i use it and like it and also that i have been equally happy with Sena in the past .. the simple answer is to buy the comm that most of your group riders use .. even though they both connect via BT they wont connect to each other using their primary technology (DMC for Cardo vs Mesh Intercom for Sena) .. if you are not into group riding, just pick any one and you cant go wrong .. good luck and safe riding!

Note - When folks compare Cardo with Sena, the least you can do is to make sure they are comparing two similar models. Each of the brands have so many different models that its not fair to compare a Cardo without DTC to a sena unit that use mesh intercom.

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