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Continuous Video Recording On Helmet

Several folks ask about how to record non stop video. Two basics

Power Bank On Helmet

While a power bank can be in your jacket pocket or anywhere else, It adds complexity of remembering to remove cable each time you take helmet off your face. Attaching it directly to the helmet, adds the convenience of not to worry about it. It does add some weight though

Camera On Helmet

Recording from the helmet is beneficial over attaching it to the bike. The camera will record everything you see vs everything your bike sees. It also helps in cases when you get off your bike to maybe help another rider or if you go down or if you are simply admiring natures beauty to the left or right of you

This is how I use it. Doesnt mean it is the best or perfect way but it has been successful enough for me on all the long rides.

As always, stay safe and enjoy the ride!



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