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Alaskan Adventure 2021

Raleigh NC to Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay Alaska - Aug 27th to Sep 22nd

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Riders : Deepak | Praveen | Behram

Days : 26



Things We Would Do Different

This section was inspired by a question on FB from Benny De La Vega on what we would have done different if we were to do this ride again. A few things that we collectively discussed and came up with :

  1. Reduce Luggage - We carried a lot of excess luggage thinking that we would need a tent to camp in case we got stuck on Dalton Hwy. While that isnt wrong but the fact that camping was not our primary stay option but only backup option, there was a lot of excess weight we were carrying due to that. Remember for 3 people to camp, a 3 person tent is not the only thing required. You need sleeping bags, water and so much more.

  2. Premium fuel isnt easily available everywhere. However most gas stations carry it so it wasnt that big of an issue

  3. Make sure you can go atleast 150 miles on a single tank or else carry spare gas. We did hit sections with 130+ miles of no fuel

  4. Honestly there isnt much else that we would want to change. Ofcourse we missed seeing a lot of things but then it depends on how many days you can spare for a cross country ride. We had 30 days and I think we made the best of it



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