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Vegas Nevada

Riders: Deepak Dhar, Praveen Chand, Behram Jamaspi (Motorcyclist Map)

Bikes: Harley Ultra, CanAm, BMW RT (All rentals)

Dates: Thu March 23rd - Sun Mar 26th 2023

Ride Intro

Random ad-hoc ride planned last minute. Praveen had to go to Vegas for some work and checked with Deepak if he wanted to join the weekend for a ride. They ended up asking BJ and the rest is history. We booked our flight tickets and off we were to Vegas to explore Nevada and surrounding

Day 0 - Pre Planning & Preparation

Not much. There was no time. We considered exploring whatever we could in the few days we had.

Day 1 - Thursday 3/23

Deepak wasnt able to make it Thursday so BJ and Praveen decided to tour Grand Canyon West Rim. On the way we stopped at the beautiful Hoover Dam and Lake Mead recreation areas. Both were beautiful with a lot of scenic views. It was very cold that day. Grand Canyon - beyond words. We visited Eagle Point and took the bus tour from there towards Skywalk. Jaw dropping views! On our way back we contemplated heading towards Arizona and riding Mohave Rattle Snake but unfortunately it was getting late with snow showers. The wise man inside our head said 'Dont overdo this. You already had a long and wonderful day'. Returned to the hotel and went to sleep. Didnt know when Deepak arrived :-)

Day 2 - Friday 3/24

We headed towards Valley Of Fire. On one of the rest areas, we met two bikers from Canada. They were touring on rentals as well. Best part about these rides is we get to meet some really nice folks. A little further down, Deepak noticed a 8 mile dirt track heading towards Lake Mead. Well - it turned out to be an awesome deroute. When we reached the lake, it was calm, serene and beautiful. Decided to take a dip in the water but it was too cold and we werent prepared. Decided to make some tea but we didnt have the butane tank for our burner. Well we improvised! Someone had already lit a fire there placing some rocks. So we found sticks around and Praveen was carrying a lighter. Wohoo - we managed to start a fire and get some water from the lake and enjoyed our tea! Met another biker there who was enjoying his offroading. He was impressed that we made it till there on our bigger bikes. Took a few pics with him and off we went towards Valley Of Fire State Park. If you havent been here, I highly recommend it. The mountains are red and they shine even more when the sun hits them. Rest you can figure out from the pictures. We ended our day at the Alamo Inn in Alamo NV

Day 3 - Saturday 3/25

Started with the famous ET highway. Met a few aliens and we discussed if they wanted a ride but they politely refused. Stopped at the Earth Station ET shop and bought some sweatshirts and other items to take back home. Its a great stop if you wanna take pictures with ET. From there we decided to head towards Area 51 on 8 miles of dirt road. Praveen had the option to Veto but he didnt so we headed there only to find out that this track didnt take us to the gate but just a board that said not go any further without consequences. We turned back disappointed. Next stop was the famous Black Mailbox where we mailed our goodies to the aliens. A quick lunch stop at the Lil Alien restaurant for some delicious burgers. The owner and staff were extremely friendly. Went through a small section of Route 6 (considered lonelier than the loneliest Hwy 50). It had snowed and was terribly cold but we braved a long ride. A quick stop at Car Henge. Retired for the day at Shady Lady Bed & Breakfast. Long story on the name but the owners were very sweet. They also had peacocks and it was a delight watching them.

Day 4 - Sunday 3/26

Final day started with Rhyolite Ghost town and then was Death Valley and Red Rock Canyon State park. Dont have much else to type about today. Pictures tell a story!

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