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Virginia Back Roads

Day Ride To VA Back Roads


Riders : Arvind | Behram

Days : 1

Date : 12/23/2021


This was an experiment trying out VA backroads instead of the mountains. 400 miles, 11 hours and all VA backroads. It was a good experiment but to be honest we realized that we are much better off riding the mountains with a lot more twisties and elevation.

When we started at 7:30am, it was pretty cold at 28 degrees. We had our heated gears but even with those it was pretty cold. Every time we would stop, we both were almost shivering. Temperatures started to rise and reached a max of 48 during the day but we both were still cold with the chill setting in early.

Stopped for lunch at Bandidos in Farmville. Excellent food and service and wont mind going back again.



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