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Uwharrie & Liberty Loop

So many new (to TLW) riders on this one. Thank you to Ashish & Saurin for planning

Riders : Several | Date : Aug 14th 2022 | Miles : 200

Ride started at our standard meetup place at Cruizers gas station on Hwy 64 in Apex. Everybody was on time and we left by 8am. I was on a Yamaha Bolt that I will be riding until my new bike arrives. My BMW Grand America was totaled few weeks back. Rick and Laura joined us at Hardees on 73.

Took a slight deroute to Uwharrie River Access Point at Low Water Bridge. Its always fun to ride on a bir of gravel and then take some cool pics :-). Nileesh bike did have some sort of a coolant leak but the issue did not resurface and he made it home safely

On the way to Old Liberty Rod, the group did break up into two smaller ones due to an incorrect turn. However we all met up at the gas station in Liberty NC. Few of us headed back home while the rest headed to a restaurant for lunch. Rick and Laura headed back home since they had a much longer ride than any of us

Lunch I am sure was delicious :-)



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