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SpruceKnob & Seneca

One day ride to Shenandoah. Weekday rides are the best :-)

This ride was pretty much adhoc where Sanjay and Behram decided to leave on a Thursday and return Friday. We went past Ronoake and then to Spruce Knob. It was extremely pretty and the walk up was a pleasant change after an all day ride. On the way to Spruce Knob stopped at Jackson River Bakery and Deli on VA 220. It is an Aamish owned business and the food was extremely delicious. Very polite and friendly service as well. Loved the place. Also visited Seneca Rocks, which was my first time. Pretty place but i preferred Spruce Knob climb up the hill. Stayed the night over at an amazing biker friendly Hampton Inn Elkins WV. Took WV 33 back home and loved the road.



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