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Sanjay is hitched!

1 mile | 1 day | The best ride hands down

Riders : Arvind | Aubhro| Behram | Deepak | Sameer |

Driver: Guri

Days : 1

Location: The Bradford: 523 Pea Ridge Rd, New Hill, NC 27562


Our very own beloved member Sanjay finally got hitched! We organized a small ride with him at the wedding venue. The idea was for him to ride on his Fatboy to the venue. As he was already at the venue, Behram, Arvind and Deepak drove to Sanjay's house to pick up his bike, but it would not start! We tried a couple of times but it seemed the battery was completely dead.

So on to plan B. We got Guri's car and Sanjay sat in it with Guri driving. With Aubhro, Sameer and Deepak's bikes added for additional rumble sound, the plan came into action. KG was waiting for us in the welcoming party and we all started dancing with him and others as we parked the bikes and car at the end of the ride.

It was a wonderful and memorable ride. Congratulations to Sanjay and Kara! Best wishes for a loving married life ahead.



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