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Road To Nowhere NC

Riders : Several | Date : Oct 14th-16th 2022 | Miles : 1000

YT Videos By : Ashish Sekhda | Ride Video By : DJ

Day 1 : One group left in the morning towards our cabin at Lake Janaluska in NC. I left a little late since I had to wrap up work. Also the fact that I was still on my little scooter and did not want to slow down rest of the group. I took one hundred percent backroads. The fall colors around Blue Ridge were amazing. Rick/Laura joined the group from somewhere near Winston Salem. Abhilash joined the group somewhere near Charlotte. He took a flight from Florida

Day 2 : Rest of the group left towards TOTD & Cherohala and left towards Road To Nowhere Tunnel. The roads were beautiful. Road to the Tunnel was phenominal during fall. In the evening Shashank joined us. He flew down from Florida to Charlotte and then rode to the cabin. Evenings at the cabin are always filled with fun, laughter and bonding

Day 3 : We left in 2-3 different groups. Everyone reached safe

Lauras Bday Celebration

Fall colors at BRP

Road To Nowhere Tunnel

Ride video



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