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New River Gorge WV

Riders : Ashish, BJ, Brufen, Arvind, Ritesh, Saurin, Praveen | Date : Feb 16-19 2023 | Miles : 700

Car : Sai | Akki

Day 1 : The plan was to leave on Friday after work however due to the forecasted snow storm, few of us decided to leave Thursday afternoon. Well we werent spared by the storm but thats later :-). Beautiful day, bright and sunny and we head out from Hwy 64 in Apex towards Blacksburg. Some where on the eway we decicde that we have better stay options in Christianburg VA so derouted a bit towards the hotel.

Day 2 : This turned out to be a nightmare. While the start was pretty good, we were welcomes with heavy snow for atleast 30 minutes when around the VA/WV border. It was tensed but a thrilling ride to the cabin. Luckily all of us have heated gear so cold wasnt an issue. When reaching the cabin, the last half mile was unpaved and with the recent snow, it was a bit of a challenge. Though everyone from the first group made it safe. The second group of 2 guys reached around late afternoon. The rest 2 were driving a car but they had a breakdown 30 mins before the cabin. Luckily they had jumpstart with them and reached cabin later in the evening. It was too cold to do anything including light a fire so we stayed in the cabin. Celebrated a friends birthday and enjoyed and relaxed!

Day 3 : The 2 friends that came in the car had to leave in the morning due to family emergency. So only the bikers were left. It was a good day to ride. Cold but fun and New River Gorge never disappoints. If you havent been there, I highly recommend it.

Day 3 Continue : Ofcourse trip is incomplete without adventure so when we stopped to take pictures of the bridge from the gorge, one of the guys bike did not start. Had to jumpstart it. So then 2 of us straight to Auto Parts to get a new battery while the others rode towards Talon and the dam. While they were there. one of the bikers went through some sudden gravel and went down. Luckily not much injury to him or the bike. Rode it back all the way to the cabin

Day 4 : Since one of the biker had a broken clutch level, 2 of us decided to ride back with him taking highways, while the others took the beautiful backroads of WV, VA and NC. They also stopped on their way at Trump Store and Paint Bank. All in all a great ride!



This looks lots of fun!! Someday I'll have to join you guys on your motorcycle trip!!

Replying to

Sounds good! Definitely keep me in the loop for any up coming trips I'll try my best to join you guys if I can. Thanks!

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