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New River Gorge & Dingess Tunnel

Dingess Tunnel, New River Gorge, Chief Logan State Park, Natural Bridge & Hawks Nest State Park


Riders : Arvind | Behram

Days : 3


We left Friday evening and took 66 all the way to Meadows of Dan and then 58 and then 16 all the way to our hotel. Last minute reservations are always a challenge but managed to get through Hilton

Next day was pretty amazing when we passed through Dingess Tunnel. if you havent been there, its a must experience. One way, single lane, one mile tunnel where you judge headlight of the opposite side before entering. Temperatures inside the tunnel dropped by twenty degrees. It was a very cool ride to say the least. New River Gorge is equally beautiful and so is Chief Logan State Park and Hawk Nest State Park



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