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Mt Airy NC

Amazing backroads all the way up to Mt Airy

Riders : Arvind, Brufen, Rick, Ashish, Navi, Behram | Date : July 16th 2022 | Miles : 350

Everyone except Rick met at the gas station on Hwy 64 in Apex. We were headed towards another gas station close to Mebane where we would be meeting Rick. I am not going to mention that Rick made us wait there for 30 mins :-) We were thrilled to finally see him

Left towards George Russell and Badgett sisters parkway. Those roads are always beautiful to ride and some of the best twisties close enough to Raleigh NC. Took a quick gas/leak break before heading towards Mt Airy. Navi had to be back home by 12 so he left as soon as we wrapped up BGP. We covered NC 8 & 89 and a couple of other interesting roads.

Reached Mt Airy NC and the first thing I did was take some pictures in front of Andy Griffith Mural

Then we had lunch and walked around the beautiful town a bit. What did we see?? A man walking a Lama!! Yes and we for sure grabbed some cool pics with Peanut

While heading home, we covered our famous NC 66 and Friendship Rd. Parted ways with Rick around Germanton where he headed towards Winston Salem and we towards Cary NC. On the way it had rained a bit and while on NC 61 only 50 mins from home, I had a fishtailing incident that ended in a crash. You can watch the video below

I got away with road rash, bruises and inflammations but no broken bones. Bike did pretty well too considering I could ride it to drop it off to the dealer. Ashish dropped me back home. Happy to have survived another crash :-)



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