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Liberty Loop 2022

A beautiful ride to Liberty/Asheboro on a pleasant warm day.


Riders : Ashish | Ritesh | Sai | Mariano | Pradeep | Jigar | Sanjay | Tim | Bhavani | Akki | Sumit | Naimish | Sai M | Guri | Sameer | Arpit | Rick | Aubhro | Mahesh

Dates : 12th Feb 2022

Miles : 158


After a lot of cold weeks, Mr Sun finally decided to grace us with his warmth, and the temperature rose to 70 degrees on Saturday (12th Feb). Well this was an opportunity none of the TLW group riders wanted to miss, especially the ones who had the itch to get their bikes out.

There were a bunch of asks on the WhatsApp group to see if there was any ride planned. & there comes Ashish bhai to the rescue with a ride plan to do the Liberty loop. As soon as the ride was posted in the group, we saw a flurry of folks showing interest for the ride.

11:00 AM was KSU and the plan was to meet up at the Cruisers on US 64 at 10:30, giving folks enough time to gas up and sync up their Cardos/Senas.

This was the first ride of 2022 where we had such a big group of 19 riders ready to rev their bikes and enjoy the beautiful weather.

To witness this amazing ride kick off, we were graced by the presence of Behram, Praveen bhai, Brufen, Erez and Jishnu.

Mr. Jishnu came prepared with all the cool toys in his arsenal - Insta360 cam and a flying camera AKA Drone, which lifted the spirits of the gang to give their best and killer biker poses. After a Bunch of Insta 360 and Drone shots were taken, the folks gathered for a huddle where one of our most skilled riders - Mr. Guri, set the expectations and ground rules for this ride.

Since this was a very big group with some new riders, we decided to break it into two groups - Fast Paced and Medium paced.

All the 6 riders - Guri, Sai, Aubro, Sameer bhai, Mariano & Sumit who wanted to do a fast paced ride, were led by Guri and Sai did the job of being the sweeper/tail ender for this ride making sure no one gets lost.

The rest 13 who were either new riders or just wanted to enjoy the weather and ride at a chill pace, joined a medium paced group led by Ashish & I (Ritesh) who did the job of being sweeper/tail ender.

The medium paced ride was fun and a very relaxed ride; While some folks shared some terrific stories during the ride, Akki and a few others sang songs and kept everyone entertained on Cardo.

The Fast paced ride was fun and all skilled riders made sure that they reached the 1st stop way before the second group and were sipping coffees and what not, when the second group reached there!

1st stop was a gas station in Liberty about 40 miles out where the entire group reunited and then we all headed for Lunch at Burrito Brothers (You guessed it right a Mexican restaurant) & the wish of Mariano to eat at an Indian restaurant again was left unfulfilled!

After a long lunch and some amazing conversations, the boys got all set to ride the remainder of the loop. Some of the folks wanted to reach home a bit early so they took the faster way & the rest in their high spirits decided to keep on going without any predefined stopover.

While on the way back, Sai bhai kindly offered to be the tail ender giving me a chance to stay in the front and do a little fast paced ride. We finally hit the gravel spot Behram had mentioned, after looking at the gravel patch and not knowing how long the gravel patch is, some of the new riders decided to not take any chances and continue their ride back via paved road; we took a few pics and then parted our ways.

Everyone but Mariano was excited for the gravel ride, he was ready with his standing stance on his GS to conquer the gravel, rest Braveheart folks started rolling their bikes in their 1st or 2nd gears just to realize that the gravel patch was more like 45 meters than 4.5 miles. Nevertheless, that was a brave thing to do for the folks, who wanted to experience gravel for the first time :)

The gang took a last stop at the gas station near Pittsboro to fill up gas & say their byes and parted ways back to their respective homes!

All in all, it was a beautiful ride, perfect weather, awesome company & most importantly no incidents!

We all got to meet many new amazing riders, finally putting faces to names!

Some highlights of the rides -

Celebrity Ride - Since none other than our Bhroman joined us till the first leg of the ride.

Rick surprised everyone by the fact that he was able to remember most of our names after knowing them earlier in the morning.

All new riders rode fabulously & had fun.

Special thanks to Jishnu for capturing the ride kick off and taking the time to edit and share the final edited video!

Until next ride - Cheers :)



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