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Jordan Dam - Tiger Rescue - Chicken Bridge Rd - Duncan Rd

150 miles | 5 Hours | Mediterranean Lunch | Beautiful Roads & Places

Riders : Brufen | Ritesh | Chris | Sudar | Behram

Days : 1


This morning we met at Lowes gas station and our ride was blessed by @Arvind Lakshman. KSU at 10:08am thru the back roads on to New Hope Church Road in to Chatham woods on to 751. This was my first time on Cardo and enjoyed the “Hey Cardo”

song by @Ritesh thoroughly. Enjoyed the conversation and our first stop was by the railroad “museum” as usual we got down and took pictures and enjoyed the conversation with retired army service men. @Chris H and @Ritesh got some good pictures with the rail engine in the backdrop.

Back on to our saddle and headed towards Jordan Dam we hit some good curvy roads with me enjoying some good music and mumble chatter with @RiteshRitesh and giving @Sudarsan R company while Behram and Chris were happily waiting for us at stop signs and red lights. Whenever Behram was sick of our mumble chatter he would go out of range…😂.

Jordan dam was next, beautiful weather with some great picturesque backdrop just awesome view, and we met some riders who had recently done 6 weeks long cross-country roofs trip and were sharing their experience.

After Jordan dam we headed to Carolina Tiger rescue on to some curvy roads where we(@Rities and Brufen) almost missed the stop sign and we’re here headed to a dead end… it was very miss leading curve/right turn and then on to Chicken little bridge and you can read all about it here on how it got the chicken little bridge name.

Next stop was at a Mediterranean restaurant in Pittsboro - Greek Kouzina. @Behram Jamaspi was generous enough to treat us with baklava which is one of his weakness! Enjoyed the food and next up was sapping of bikes Chris wanted to ride Indian Scout and Ritesh rode the Ducati… took both of them few minutes to get adjusted and enjoyed the ride back home.

All in all, a great day to ride and Behram as usual led the way, and we had a great time. Thank you, guys, for a wonderful day And thank you to Ritesh for the gpx and relive video

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