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Fox Creek Leather

We lived up to our tradition of not reaching the planned destination and cutting short route :-)

Riders : Ashish | Arvind | Sanjay A | Pradeep | Deepak |

Sai | Ritesh | Jishnu | Guri | DJ | Behram

Date : December 4th, 2021


Original plan was an all day ride to Fox Creek Leather and back however that never happened. Though we started quite early (8am), within a few hours we realized that we might not make it to Fox Creek Leather on time since it closes Saturdays by 1:30pm. We made a collective decision to reroute and have a lavish lunch instead :-)

We stopped at El Rancho in Stuart for lunch and soon realized that we were in the midst of a town Christmas parade. Kids wanting to sit on bikes, folks waving to us when we left and so on. It was a good experience and we barely made it out of there in time before the actual parade started.

Almost the entire ride was backroads. Amazing twisties. Another successful and fun ride.



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