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East To West

6600 miles. 14 days. 20 states. Temperatures ranging from 110 to 37


Riders : Latesh | Behram

Days : 9


09/05 Tue - Left from RTP for Atlanta. 2 hours into the ride and realized that i dropped my keys. Wife drove halfway and met her and my daughter for dinner. Then left at 07:30pm EST and reached at 02:30am EST. It was a fun ride but with rain almost entire journey, it kinda killed the fun last hour. i was too wet and soaked to enjoy the ride. All in all, it was a good day and made it safe. Latesh leaves for Atlanta 9/7 Thu from RTP. ​09/07 Thu - Latesh left at 4pm Est from Rtp and reached Atlanta at 11:30pm Est. (400miles) First leg of the journey though broken up, completed successfully. We also realized that we both had the Exact Same Harley Jacket! Tomorrow's plan is to head to Memphis. Took i40 all the way 09/08 Fri - Left from Atlanta to Memphis (400 miles) around 7:30am Est. Until about 30 miles from Birmingham, the ride was pretty flat. Even though we passed two state parks, there wasn't as much greenery as you would expect. Took i20 till Birmingham and then 22 to memphis. One rest area in between Atlanta to Birmingham. Then there were some mountains and the ride got prettier. Reached Memphis around 3pm CST. Total of 8.5 hours of riding including several halts wasn't bad for day 2. Headed to Memphis downtown around 5ish. Beale street is the place to be. You cant/ shouldn't miss it. Had fun. Back to room by 10 9/11 - Taking it easy today. Heading out from Hobbs NM still on 82 to see the White Sands National Monument (4hrs/200 miles) and then to El Paso TX (100miles/1.5hrs). White sand was extremely beautiful. You need to be there to experience it. It was too hot but still beautiful. It also marked end of 82. So we started and ended 82. But then again change of plans. We decided to head towards phoenix and skip El Paso. Stopped at Deming NM. Very small town and barely anything here. 9/12 Tue - Headed towards Phoenix (325m/4.5hrs) but store at a beautiful town called Tombstone (additional 50 miles/1 hour) in AZ. Then headed to Phoenix and stopped for the night. Met my friend Ron Cooper and with him my first time eating rattle snake :-) I10 from Deming all the way to start of AZ is really pretty. 9/13 - Wed - Final day final stretch towards San Diego. Stopped on the way in Yuma for lunch and some pics and then to the Mexican border. From there straight to San Diego. About 375 miles/6 hrs. The heat in Arizona was killing and we were at 110 degrees for several hours but once we got close to Diego,the temperature dried by over 30 degrees and it was awesome



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