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Chimney Rock NC

Riders : Arvind, Praveen, BJ | Date : Dec 17-19 2022 | Miles : 1000

Day 1 : We left around noon and took all backroads all the way to Chimney Rock where our cabin was. On the way stopped at Murray's Mill Historic Site. Other than that it was a pretty straightforward ride but a lot of amazing roads. Ofcourse the day has to end with a 'cheers'

Day 2 : Praveen wanted to watch the soccer world cup so Arvind and me left towards Shunkawauken Falls. Beautiful falls but even more beautiful is the road Skyuka Mountain Rd. If you havent ben there I highly recommend riding it. Also Green River Cove Rd next to it and couple of other roads on the map are all really fun to ride. Not too many overlooks but we stopped at one that wasnt on the map so created it Skyuka Scenic Overlook NC And while trying to record the falls, I lost my drone. It crashed in the tress somewhere and all attempts to recover it were futile

We returned to the cabin since the soccer game was over and came up with an awesome plan of walking up all the way to Chimney Rock. It was a brilliant idea except for the fact that we were sent back from the gate stating that we werent allowed to walk :-). So then we walked back the mile and took our bikes and went up again. It was extremely windy and very cold but the views from Chimney Rock are mind blowing. Enjoyed some time in the quiet town. It was quiet because it was December and cold :-). Packed some food from a local restaurant and went back to the cabin

Day 3 : On our way back stopped at a very pretty boat ramp. Nothing too crazy. Returned home with memories



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