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Cherokee, BRP & TOTD

This ride will always remain very special to me for more than one reason!!


Riders : Jay | Behram

Days: 2


This ride will always remain very special to me for more than one reason :

  1. As a kid growing up in India and riding motorcycles since the age of 10, Busa had always been a dream bike for me. It was the first bike I bought in the US and I was ecstatic to have fulfilled my childhood dream of riding a Busa

  2. My first long distance ride in the US. It wasnt something I would term as long distance today but at that time riding more than 1000 miles in one weekend, for sure was long distance

  3. Riding on the legendry BRP & Tail of The Dragon. Its funny that at that time when I was on those roads, I didnt realize how popular/famous these were and that people from all over the country come here only to ride them

Well today (Jan7th, 2022) with thousands of miles of US riding experience, couple of bikes, things are different but I dont want to modify my original post with a different perspective!!

Original Post

Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap with 318 curves in 11 miles, is America’s number one motorcycle and sports car road

This ride was one of the most adhoc rides. I was sitting on my laptop and asked my wife if i could go to Boone for the weekend. She said 'sure, go and have fun'. So its noon on a Friday and I have just decided that I am going to Boone NC for the weekend. Was chatting with one of my buddies Jay and happened to tell him that i was heading to Boone in the evening. He was like 'hell, i am coming too'. I was surprised but happy that i had some company. Co-incidence that we both had the Bilt bluetooth full face helmet. I cannot tell you how much more we enjoyed just because we had these helmets. Audio quality is clear even at 80mph, remain connected more than a mile, works great in rain and battery lasts for 8-12 hours. ​Its been two years now and i dont have exact recollections of the trip. I know that from Boone NC we decided to go to Cherokee NC. When at the village there, Jay says 'we are so close to tail of the dragon - you wanna go?'. I am like 'sure - lets do it'. So we headed to tail of the dragon, again, completely unplanned. The roads heading to tail of the dragon are just as beautiful. Its a different experience out there - you get to see all kinds of motorcycles to cars. some trying to race and others just trying to enjoy the road.



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