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Asheville & More

1000 miles | 3 Days | Some Of The Best Back Roads & Twisties

Riders : Arvind | Behram

Days : 3


Day 1 : We left around 1pm from Raleigh to Asheville. What would typically take 3.5 hours took us 8+ hours. All backroads except for a short stretch around Winston Salem. Beautiful twisties throughout. Some of these roads we had never been to. Amongst the several we roads we did today, 88 was very technical and we thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Ofcourse we hit a bit of gravel route on our way. Checked in to Hilton Garden Inn Asheville Downtown. Stayed there both nights. Beautiful hotel with a rooftop bar and restaurant. It was a little chilly though since we were on the terrace for dinner.

Raleigh to Asheville 20211022
Download GPX • 4KB

Day 2 : Started early at 8am and it turned out to be a decent day of 12 hours and 400+ miles. Some of the awesome roads we covered were NC215, NC130, NC107, NC28 (Moonshiner), 129 (Tail Of The Dragon), Foothills Pkwy, TN 25, TN 339, TN209 (Rattler), NC63. I really cant say which one was better because all of them were really awesome. Rattler and 63 were extremely technical. Stopped at a Mexican restaurant in Franklin NC for lunch. Highlands NC was too over crowded and so was everything else around us. For dinner, Arvind preferred to walk a little so we walked to Asheville downtown and had dinner at another Mexcian restaurant :-)

Asheville Surrounding 20211023
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Day 3 : We split ways since I had to be home early. Took the boring shortest route out. Arvind did spend some time on BRP but it didnt turn out to be good due to a lot of traffic.

All in all, another beautiful ride. Less pictures, less talking, more riding



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