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2020 5th Grade Grad

Covid - 5th Grade Graduation For Weldon Ridge


Riders :

Days : 1


2020 Graduation never happened for several kids due to Covid. My daughter was lucky enough to have all our biker buddies ride around the community to spread joy and happiness to all the kids that missed it. The gesture was very much appreciated by the entire community and especially parents of the kids graduating. They were all in their cars following us Message from Behrams wife (Kav) to all the bikers that participated to bring joy to the children : "I have a fleeting memory as a child of my dad talking about his yezdi with his eyes twinkling..i didn't understand that twinkle in his eye the years after school when behram and me lost touch ..i used to have this recurring dream of him on a sports motorcycle circling our school..we had no clue who we were as grown ups but somehow the motorcycle was a constant in my dreams of him ... in all our grown up life together ..the motorcycle is still a constant and is a big part of why I love him ... there is something magical about sighting a rider zipping on his motorcycle ...the passion of looking out for your flock while riding...the helmet ...the posture...the sheer roar of wheels ...rider camaraderie ...i could go on.. u definitely learn to ride the machine the first time ..but after that riding is a masterclass on life at a classy level... I want to thank each one of you who rode to give this magical experience to ziva ..she loved riding with all of you and I am proud behram is instilling his rider passion in our little princess too!! keep riding and spread the love !!"

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