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Promotions, Donations & More

Donation Requests

While Motorcyclist Map does not make any money, I am always happy to support first responder and veteran rides/causes

Promoting Charities & Fundraising Events

While charities and fund raising events are integral parts of the motorcycling community, each post will need to be submitted to the Admins for review and verification. This is to ensure that we can try to minimize any efforts to abuse the generosity of our members. You will not be allowed to post but one of the Admin will on your behalf. Before you reach out to the Admin, please note :

1. You must be an organizer of the event

2. You must make sure the event is added on our Events & Rallies page


Promoting Small Businesses or Upcoming Influencers

While Motorcyclist Map does not make money, its takes a lot of time and effort to manage such a large community. As such we would like you to make it worthwhile for the admins who work tirelessly to give you such a great platform and ensure success of this group. Thank the admins by buying them a cup of coffee. There are several admins of this group and we drink cheap coffee so a $10 is good enough but you can be more generous if you like.

Promoting Established Businesses or Popular Influencers

Please consider becoming a sponsor of the next Motorcycle Map rally/event

Before you reach out to the Admin, please make sure you are following the Motorcyclist Map FB Page AND you are a member of the Motorcyclist Map FB Group

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