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Harley Snow Ride

One of my hundreds of rides to Atlanta GA from Raleigh NC


Riders : Behram

Days : 5

Date : 01/15/2018 - 01/19/2018


One of the regular work weekly rides to Atlanta GA from Raleigh NC and back. Used to be there from Monday to Friday. I dont have much recollection of this ride other than the fact that I it snowed quite a bit on Thursday at both the places. When I left from Atlanta, it was cold but it wasnt that bad. At the time I did not have heated gear but did have layers. The bike had a heated seat and grips.

The roads were not that bad at all. There was snow all around but didnt get much snow on the road itself all the way. When I started getting closer to Raleigh, I kept telling myself "No backroads. High possibility of ice/snow. Repeat after me - NO BACKROADS". Well I wasnt listening to myself, thinking how bad could it be.

It turned out quite bad. as you can see from some of the videos, the snow had turned into ice at several places. I was on this 900lbs Harley plus luggage weight. It turned out to be a good experience and glad I did not drop the bike.

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