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Just a random Thursday, 3 folks taking leave from work to ride all day to OBX and back


Riders : Sameer | Praveen | Behram

Days : 1​


This one turned out to be a great ride, just as most adhoc rides turn out to be. Less the planning, more fun in the ride :-) So the three of us decide to take a workig day of and head to Outer Banks! Yes - in the middle of a perfectly normal week, on a Thursday morning, we leave for Outer Banks. It was a beautiful day to ride - no sun, no rain and temperature in the 70s all throughout. Original plan was to hit end of OBX and then take a ferry from there that would get us back via 264. Long story short, we missed the ferry and had to come back. Left at 8am and returned by 9pm. Stopped for dinner and then headed back home 11ish in the night. Great riding!



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