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2021 End Of Year Ride

Mt Morrow, Rocky Road Bidge, Pisgah Covered Bridge, Erect, Why Not & LoveJoy Towns


Riders : Arvind | Mariano | Behram | Tushar/Tvisha

Days : 1

Date : 12/31/2021


250 miles | 6.5 Hours | All back roads | GPX & Pics Below


Behram's Version : It was a beautiful day especially since it wasnt cold, being Dec 31st. Weather was between 60s-70s and no rain. We started early by 7:30am and it was extremely foggy the first 2-3 hours of the ride.

Our first stop was Rocky River Bridge (unpaved for half a mile or so) and then to the tiny little town of Erect. Tushar and his daughter Tvisha went back home from there since Tushar had to be back home. Rest of the ride was Arvind, Mariano and Behram.

We continued riding through the fog and it gradually started dying out. Sun was out and temperatures started to rise. Next stop was the popular Pisgah covered bridge. Then we rode through some amazing roads like Flint Hill all the way to Uwharrie Low River Access point (unpaved for half a mile or so). From there to Morrow Mountain and since we planned on skipping lunch we ate some energy bars and breakfast we were carrying on our bikes. Few more unpaved roads to Dover road and back home after a quick gas station stop

I have lost count how many times I have been to all these places but its always fun to ride these roads. Great way to end 2021 riding season!


Arvind's Version - What a ride to end the year!! Started slow due to the heavy fog with visibility down to 100 feet in front of us… I never really SAW Behram during the first couple of hours except at stop signs!

We also saw a bunch of animals today… horses being ridden close to Mt. Morrow, donkeys being petted in a farm of some kind, dogs chasing Behram wanting to play, deer along the road and lastly a couple of squirrels who were either hired hitmen out to kill us… or depressed and wanting to commit suicide…. I couldn’t quite figure out which!

The pace picked up once the fog was gone and Mariano did a great job keeping a good pace throughout! Behram decided to string together all the local favorites and made a nice medley of spots for us to ride through! As is typical of a ride with Behram, we hit 3 stretches of gravel

Behram also seemed a bit gung-ho today, wanting to go through the Pisgah covered bridge from the OPPOSITE side!! Calmer heads prevailed and he came back to go the normal way! There was also a road where we had REPEATED signals that the road was closed, but we went for it anyway and moved the barrier to make our getaway! Thanks to Mariano for that insight! :-)

All in all, a wonderful ride to close out 2021 and looking forward to more adventures in 2022!!



Download GPX • 6KB



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