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Tail Of The Dragon, Rattler & Diamond Back


Riders : Arvind | Jishnu | Guri | Sanjay

Days : 2


As usual, Behram started the planning for this ride a couple of weeks ago and was joined by the usual partners in crime Sanjay, Jishnu, Arvind and now Guri bhai with his new RT!! In the end Behram had to drop, but the rest of us soldiered on booking cabins and buying tools and connectors frantically - Something we had NEVER had to do in the past thanks to Big B!! All in all, we covered about 1050 miles in about 2.5 days in NC and TN. About 650 miles were on highways and highly forgettable, but the 400 or so twisties were well worth it. We even had to endure about 6 hours of riding in the rain and that sucked big time as we hadn’t prepared for it (except Jishnu with his Klim Kodiak!) We hit some very popular riding roads – Tail of the Dragon, The Rattler, The Diamond Back, Devil’s whip, some portions of the BRP as well. Thursday night was a pick up dinner at Chai Pani in Asheville – a fucking waste of time as they didn’t have our food ready despite advance booking of over 2.5 hours by Sanjay – I will never go there as long as I live! Friday night dinner was possible ONLY due to Jishnu thoughtfully packing some desi snacks and Maggi Noodles and cooking it for us! Sincere thanks to him for keeping us well fed on this trip! That’s about it folks!! Good times were had by all, fun stories shared, great camaraderie by the riders and everyone took turns leading different sections and did a great job!! Until next time….. ride safe.



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