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Roanoke VA & Around

One hundred percent backroads all the way to Alderson WV and back

Riders : Arvind, Brufen, Behram | Date : May 21st 2022 - May 22nd 2022 | Miles : 600


We were expecting this to be a very hot ride with temperatures near home at 95. Made a smart decision to leave early morning by 7am to beat the heat. It worked and by the time we reached the mountains, the temperatures never crossed 85.

First couple of stops were at the gas station and then the overlook on Squirrel/Dugspur Rd. We passed Kanawha Valley Arena but did not stop there since we had a long day. if you havent visited the place, its an awesome biker stop. As we passed, we did see a lot of bikers parked there. Some event or the other takes place over the weekends. Passed Pipestem Resort State Park but did not stop there and then went on to the awesome WV 3 route.

We were expecting a rain and it did rain but very little. The best part is that it brought down the temperatures and now we were in the low 70s. Loved every bit of riding VA 311 and will try and upload our ride videos. If you havent been there, it is one awesome road plus you have the cute little but very busy Swinging Bridge Restaurant

Reached our hotel in Roanoke after 12 hours on the road and about 400 miles. Was a successful riding day! Showered and headed down for dinner. To our surprise, there was a group of kids and families from Charlotte that were there for a U13 football game. They had ordered tons of food from Olive Garden and didnt know what to dow ith the leftovers. Homeless shelters refused or werent open. so they asked us 'any chance you guys are hungry' and we were like "heck yes"! So we had ana amazing, ready to eat platter of great food. Ofcourse it was accompanied by some wine, beer, bourbons and desert :-)

The Hilton property was beautiful so took some drone videos. Retired early but chatting etc still took us 11 to get to bed

Second day was a 8am start. Rode through some amazing VA backroads. Stopped at the bride over Smith Mountain Lake Lot of pictures! Reached home by 1pm.

Great 1.5 day ride covering 600 miles of backroads, some amazing places and fun times!



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