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Impromtu Holi Ride!

Riders - Behram | Guri | Deepak | Akki| Praveen | Sameer

Drivers- Aubhro | Sanjay | Ritesh

Host - KG

Date - 18th Mar 2022

Miles - 10 around Morrisville, Cary, Apex

It began as an imprompto meeting. Praveen rode to Deepak's place with some Holi colors. From there both of them went to Berham's house, applied colors to him and his family (begrudgingly). From there we went to Sameer's house, picked him up and then off to Guri's house. We then went to Sanket's and Sai's house but they were not there. Next we called Akki who said he would meet us at KG's house and we all went there. Sanjay joined us there driving from work. We had a few drinks and then Bhro and Akki went to get samosa's and jalebi's from a nearby store and we sat out in KG's driveway and had a good time. We invited others to join. Ritesh could not resist and came as well to join us.

Sometimes, the impromtu rides end up becoming very memorable events!



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