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Devils Whip

It was Behram's 40th Bday and its an irony that we never rode Devils Whip!


Riders : Sameer | Praveen | Deepak | Guri | Aubhro | Arvind | Behram

Days : 3


4/20 - This ride started with one of our riders having to lay his bike down just outside his home. He was sporting enough to get back and join us at the gas station we planned on meeting. We used some duct tape and tools to fix his bike to avoid any further damage and vibration. From there on it was smooth sailing. We had our fun moments, stopped a couple of times for gas/food and all was good until we hit the mountains. On one of the sharp turns, there was a misunderstanding between two riders where the person following went down. We were extremely lucky that neither the rider nor nor his bike were hurt. We had a cop helping us stay away from the traffic and within 15 mins of the fall, we are back to riding :-). By the time we reached cabin, it was 8pm and we still need to get grocery and dinner. So three of us with more storage capacity, emptied our bags and left to Walmart. By the time we finished shopping, we realized we had filled up the entire cart. Somehow we managed to put all that stuff in our storage on bikes and bring it back and ourselves safely to the cabin. From there on, we started enjoying the cabin - drinks, cooking (thank you Praveen), hot tub, ping pong, pool, hookah and what not. Some of us went to bed 2ish and the rest 3ish. 4/21 - This was supposed to be a ride to Devils Whip and Diamond back, but one of our frines suggested that we do the Snake since we were so close. So last miute we decide to go to the snake instead of Devils Whip. Well, it was a pleasant surprise - we found it much better than 'tail of the dragon'. Roads were extremely pretty, barely any traffic and a beautiful stop in the middle at store US421. If anyone is interested, yo can find more details from here : On our way back to the cabin, we had one of our riders accelerator go for a toss where the cable broke. We were extremely lucky to find a guy from nearby Harley, meet us after his work hours and help us fix the bike. The best part - he did not even charge us for it. He said, he was just happt to help us instead of leaving us stranded. Wow - we were amazed and focurse we handsomely tipped him for his very kind gesture. This was a tiring day and we reached the cabin at 9pm only to find that one of our riders clutch went bad and the bike refused to move ahead. We were only 1.7 miles from the cabin. Found a great couple who readily agreed to allow us to leave our bike outside their home until we figured out how to fix it. Thats the best part about these rides - you come across people that are always helpful and go out of their way to help you! Finally we reached our cabin 10ish. Same routine of drinks, food, hookah etc. Though we wrre all very tired from the riding, so retired 1ish. 4/22 - Final day of our trip. Original plan was to finish Devils Whip on our way back but becasue one of bikes had broken down, there was no option but to try and head home directly. Few of our buddies that had commitments, left early. Rest of us managed to find a tow and headed back home with the motorcycle in tow. All in all - beautiful ride, awesome journey, great friends, a lot of fun, some learning, met nice people and above all, wonderful experience!



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