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Devils Triangle, TOTD & Cherohala

Weekend ride to Tail of the dragon, Cherohala Skyway and Devils Triangle

Riders : Ashish | Arvind | Saurin | Brufen | Behram

Days : 3 | Dates : 11/19-11/21 2021


Fri Nov 19th - Started quite early at 8am. Took backroads all the way to our cabin which was located on Tail of the Dragon. Its actually one of the two cabins located there and can be found on VRBO. On our way before Charlotte, stopped for a coffee break at Coffee Central. The owner Jay Patel is really sweet and where else can you find Indian Chai made with milk? We stopped at one of the smaller waterfalls which wasnt that great. Then we headed to Fred W. Symmes Chapel but no luck there either. The place was closed to visitors due to an ongoing wedding. Slightly disappointed, headed towards the cabin.

Sat 11/20 - Beautiful riding day. We started with Cherohala then took all backroads to Devils Triangle and on our return wrapped up Tail Of The Dragon. At Cherohala we stopped at the highest elevation overlook. Tried to take a drone video and since I left drone in bike overnight, drone complained about being too cold to start. At Devils Triangle, we stopped at the Historic Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary. Didnt take the tour but sure did take a lot of cool pics. By the time we reached Tail of the Dragon, it was already dark. The good part about being cold and dark is that we were the only ones on TOTD and it never disappoints.

Saurin cooked some amazing food and Brufen is a sncak expert so worked out well

Sun 11/21 - We broke up into two groups. Brufen and me headed straight home while Arvind, Saurin and Ashish wanted to do TOTD once again before returning. It was sure worth it since they managed to be just in time for Killboy and got some awesome pics there.

In the end, we all reached home safe and sound by evening.

Another beautiful ride! Great times!



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