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Day Ride Around Stuart VA

One day ride taking all backroads around Stuart VA


Riders : Arvind | Mariano | Ashish | Mahesh N | Yash

Days : 1


We started riding from the meeting point at 8am and we all reached our homes at around 9pm. We were 5 in the group and the pace was ‘medium'. Due to time constrains we reduced the original route of 764km to 614km (or 383mi).The route had everything anyone can ask for (almost anyone, anyways), nice long and easy to ride back roads, lots and lots of twists, and trees that provided that looked after shade when we were riding during midday, with temperatures of 34º. The roads were all paved with the exception of short section, perhaps 1/2 a mile, with gravel, but nevertheless it was light and very easy to ride. We rode cautiously and consensually avoided those roads with gravel that to some, resembled quicksand. We stopped for lunch at around 2pm and I wondered how is it possible that I have joint the largest Indian motorcycle group, kept thinking about riding along and enjoying delicious Indian food and I ended up at Compadres… a Mexican restaurant…!!!??? In any case, the food was really good, the service was fast and with reasonable prices. By the time we finished lunch, at around 3pm, and after having ridden for more than 8 hours, I was ready to ship the motorbike back home... However, one of the best sections of the route, was approaching: soon after we crossed I-81, on our way back from Radford, via Dry Valley Road (that is between Waypoints 5 and 6), we hit an interminable set of fast curves that were spectacular to ride and the scenery from the hills was awesome. As the group was divided between northerners and southerners (tea and coffee drinkers respectively, as I recall learning during lunch break) I did not dare to suggest for a coffee stop at a coffee roaster, but I might on the next ride, time and willingness permitting. The day was long, the pain in my back part the following day unforgettable but it was worth every minute of it. I met a nice group of fellow riders and now I keep looking for the next ride to create more memories together. PS: In case anyone is interested, I found some details, that I did not know were captured by my phone’s ‘Connected' App: 1) Max speed: 160km/h (I cannot see how it was pace=Medium, but that was only while I was trying to catch up with Arvind’s speed) 2) Max left and right lean angles: 32º (whatever that means) 3) Max altitude: 912 metres 4) Amount of gravel on those avoided gravel roads: similar to the amount of dust found on a desk that hasn't been dusted in one week :-)



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