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Welcome to Motorcyclist Map's Wanderlust!! Think of it as a Treasure Hunt or a Scavenger Hunt but with a twist. There are no participation or registrations fees and very few rules but a lot of prizes to win. Wanderlust's objective is to embark on a journey of discovery through the wonderful countries of the United States and Canada. What makes this program unique is that we dont dictate what places you need to visit. You decide where you want to go! The Motorcyclist Map app comes equipped with a wealth of information, featuring everything from roadside attractions and historical landmarks to memorials, distinctive geographical features, informative signboards, and much more. Utilize this app as your guide for locating these remarkable destinations.

Heres how to participate :

1. Visit a place. Take pictures. Motorcycle in the picture isnt mandatory

2. Find the place in Motorcyclist Map app. Add your pictures to the place

3. If you dont find the place in the app/map, add the place along with a picture

Its really that simple. You can download the free (and ad free) Motorcyclist Map App. If you dont like using apps, no problem, use our Web Version

Heres a little more info on the points system :

1 Point - Picture/s added to one marker

2 Point - Picture/s added to one marker with Motorcyclist Map Cap in the picture

3 Point - Place added along with a picture/s

4 Point - Place added along with a picture/s with Motorcyclist Map Cap in the picture

Heres a little on the rules :

1. When adding a place, make sure the place doesnt already exist on the map/app. If the place already exists, you can upload your picture

2. The place has to be relevant to the map. Please read the Map Filters section of our FAQs to see what qualifies

3. Places under Rider Favorites Category are NOT included and wont be considered for points. We still appreciate you adding pictures or places to the map in that category

4. Places added without pictures are welcome but will not qualify for points

5. Admin decision final on approving pictures and/or places added

Did you mention prizes?

Each month, the top 4 participants with with maximum points will win a $25 PayPal Card

End Of October, along with the monthly prizes, top 4 participants with the maximum points between April 1st and October 31st will each win a $100 Paypal Card

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