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Skyline Drive

Skyline Drive from home. Alone!


Riders : Behram

Days : 2


​Just looking for a change from my crazy hectic work life. This was a pretty short ride and i was on my V-Rod! I left one day and returned the next day. Was alone and i always seem to enjoy more :-)

Left from Cary for Skyline Dr North Entrance. It was quite cool on the way including intermittent rain. Reached Front Royal VA around 4pm. Booked a AirBNB and that property was extremely pretty. There were peacocks in her backyard and you can see those in the pics. Had food at a local Italian place. Returned home and ad to use the hair dryer to fry my shoes from the rain. ​Woke up early and headed to Skyline Drive entrance. The good thing about entering parks early is that there is nobody at the entrance to collect money from you :-). Blue ridge is very pretty throughout. You can see the pics. Though rain played a spoilt sport where i had to stop atleast at two different rest areas for more than 30 mins in the restroom trying to use the heater to dry all my wet clothes and stop the shivering. Beautiful ride. Planned on staying back another night but was so close to home that preferred riding back



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