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Motorycle - What Or How Far Is Considered Long Distance

A common question on long distance forums is what do we consider long distance. Is it 500 miles? Is it 12 hours non stop riding? Or an overnight ride? Maybe going to another state?

In my humble opinion, there is no right or wrong answer. One rider's 500 mile day can be another rider's warmup. A ten mile ride could be long distance for a beginner or a person with medical conditions and a five hundred mile could be 'meh' for some.

Riding conditions like a storm/snow or then unpaved roads etc could have a significant impact on the number of miles travelled and the time taken. Riding 100 miles in a storm that took you 12 hours to get home, how would you classify this ride?

Each rider can decide for themselves if a particular ride was long distance or not. If you consider it a long distance ride and enjoyed it, then thats all that matters! Dont care about what others think about your ride. You decide what is long distance for you!!

Stay safe and keep riding!



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