Long Distance Riding - Tips & Tricks

Updated: May 20

Tips to make through safely on an extended non stop ride

1. Try to stop every hour for 5 mins even if you dont feel like stopping. Stretch legs, fill up gas, take a leak or simply dont do anything. These 5 mins will give your mind and body a much needed break

2. Carry water always. To stop and drink or to pour it over your head and face or to clean a wound. Be it anything. Do not underestimate the power of water

3. Do not overeat - makes you feel drowsy. Keep some snacks handy if you have to eat or pick a pack of nuts from the gas station.

4. Do not over do caffeine (soda or coffee) unless you plan to stop very hour and refill. Caffeine does make you feel more awake and less tired. It also stays in your body for quite some time but the effect does start to wear down gradually. And when it does, it will only make you more lethargic and drowsy

5. Do not miss a gas stop especially if you arent sure about the next one

6. At night try to follow a vehicle thats going at a slightly slower pace than what you want to go at

7. Highways at night have lesser chance of animals

8. Keep tz change in mind and make use of extended day light when going from east to west

9. Heavy rains can make it worse so check weather actively. So can too cold or hot so make sure you are dressed appropriately

10. When tired, just stop, no sense in continuing drowsy. Pour water on face/head. Keeping body slightly cool helps stay awake

11. If you have a full face or modular helmet, opening the visor and alternating helps not feel drowsy. Do the same thing with a windscreen

12. If you find yourself losing focus and getting involved in deep thoughts, take that 5 min break

Remember - The goal is to reach your destination safe and sound. Do your best but know your limits. Ride safe and at the same time enjoy the ride as well!


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