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Motorcyclist Map App is created by a rider, for the rider! It is designed & tested with the help and input of experienced riders. It is free, it is Ad free and you dont even need to create an account to use the app


Features that make the app unique :

1. Motorcycling routes and attractions in one map

2. Navigation - Uses Google/Apple Maps to route from within the app

3. Weather, Navigation, Rider Favorites, Biker Bunks and much more in a single unified app

4. Crowd Sourcing helps make the map and data better, accurate and updated

5. Routes & Places are reviewed by riders. Get first hand information of what other riders think of a place/route

6. Pictures are added and updated by other riders. Dont be surprised to see a lot of motorcycle pictures

7. Search for routes by the names they are known by. For Eg Devils Whip, Triple Nickel, etc

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