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Biker Bunks is much more than just free stay for bikers. We are a unique bunch of passionate riders and generous hearts. Come join our world for a wholesome, enriching and positive experience and build new friendships!!!!


A collaborative initiative with Motorcyclist Map brings the biggest advantage to a rider - the Motorcyclist Map helps build a dream ride and Biker Bunks helps provide night stays offered by generous hosts, during the rides.


What makes us unique?

  1. We have our own app. Which means you no longer need to worry about saving urls and all the other advantages of having us on your fingertips

  2. We plan to introduce a rewards program for the hosts. We realize that our hosts are the core of this program and as such want to show them our appreciation

  3. Better security and privacy for the hosts in future


We are always open to suggestions. If you would like to see a feature added or have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Admins and we will be happy to discuss and consider.

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